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Have you been injured at work and worried the insurance company is not on your side. You can Trust Workers Comp Lawyer, PC in Vista, California, because unlike the insurance company, who wants to save money at your expense, our interests are aligned with injured workers as we work to maximize settlement.  We only get paid if you do.  Our workers’ compensation attorneys not only get you the treatment you need, we also build a better case for settlement.  Read below to find out how we can help you.

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What Does a Workers’ Comp Attorney Do?

Insurance companies seek to make a profit at your expense. At Workers Comp Lawyer, PC, we ensure you get maximum benefits.

Did You Pick Your Doctor, or Did the Employer and Insurance Pick the Doctor?

Nothing is more important than a good doctor. Many times, an employer won't even send employees for treatment. However, you have the right to see a doctor of your choice.

You should see a doctor that is not working for the insurance company. Insurance companies keep contracts with industrial clinics, like Concentra and Work Partners, where doctors are under pressure and controlled by insurance companies. Those doctors are pressured to send injured workers back to work whether they can work or not.

We will find a doctor that cares about you more than keeping insurance companies happy. It's important to know how to get a judge to order the insurance to provide authorization to see a doctor of your choice. Note that the doctors won't see you without authorization.

Insurance will also seek to have a doctor discharge an injured worker before all treatment has been provided and/or seek to have workers discharged without a proper report providing workers with compensation.

It is important to get a good report. Reports are evidence, and judges need evidence. Insurance companies know how to get their evidence ready and how to prevent you from getting your best evidence.

We know which doctors provide good reports and what makes a good report. We know how to get a judge to order the insurance company to pay proper compensation.

Insurance Company Won't Authorize Treatment?

It is common for insurance companies to ignore or deny a doctor's request for authorization to provide patients with treatment, medication, or diagnostic studies. If this happens to you, then you need to be able to file in court to get a judge to order the insurance company to provide the treatment.

See our Work Comp Laws page regarding the utilization review process and how to appeal to the Independent Medical Review when the insurance company denies treatment.

Employer Requires You To Use Sick Time To Rest After an Injury?

You must be provided with time off work if you are hurt and cannot work. Your employer cannot make you use your sick or vacation time to recover from a work injury. We will ensure you get proper time off to recover from work injuries.

Insurance companies want to save money. They do that by denying medical treatment to those who need help. We will get you the medical care you need from workers' compensation insurance.

Insurance Company Denied Your Claim?

Insurance companies deny claims to prevent paying for your doctor bills. We will beat the denial and get needed treatment and money.

Your Attorney Doesn't Call You Back?

It is common practice for attorneys to keep more cases than they can handle. Many work comp lawyers don't even talk to their clients personally. If you have a lawyer who doesn't call you back or listen to you, give us a call.

What Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

  • Money for Rent
  • Paid Time Off Work
  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Orthopedic Doctors
  • Internal Physicians
  • Physical Therapy
  • Permanent Disability
  • Temporary Disability
  • Money for Gas
  • X-Rays
  • MRI
  • Acupuncture
  • Medications
  • Massages
  • Topical Cream
  • Chiropractor
  • Podiatrist
  • Neurologist
  • Pain Management
  • Orthopedic Surgeon
  • CT Scan
  • Transportation
  • Home Health Care
  • Reimbursement
  • Physical Therapy
  • Work Injury Advice
  • State Disability
  • Social Security Disability
  • Mileage Money

Here is a link to print a medical mileage form. Fill this out and if the insurance company doesn't make payment, we will take them to court and get the judge to order payment.

How Does Workers’ Comp Work?

What Is Work Injury Compensation?

Worker compensation is a system designed to deliver benefits to injured workers. You do not have to prove that someone was negligent and caused the injury. Instead, you have to show that you were injured at work. If so, you will have the right to medical treatment and money to replace wages and compensate for damage to your body.

Workers' compensation is not suing your employer. Your employer should have insurance, and the insurance company is required to provide work comp benefits for injured workers. This includes medical treatment and money when an employee is injured at work. You should not pay a deductible every time you see a doctor, nor should you be required to pay for prescription medication for an injury sustained while you were working.

Your Employer's Work Comp Insurance Covers All Your Costs

An injured worker will receive the necessary therapy from recovering and returning to work. Money is paid to an injured worker as temporary disability benefits when the worker is unable to work. Even after returning to work, there is more money for the injured worker as permanent disability benefits.


Is a Workers' Compensation Attorney Necessary?

Perhaps you have suffered an injury at work, and the insurance company has been paying you money in temporary disability benefits and setting you up with a doctor. It may seem that you are being treated fairly, but it is in the insurance company’s interest to cut benefits where they can.

You may be underpaid or have your medical treatment cut or denied because workers' compensation insurance companies make money by cutting back on the medical treatment and cash paid to an injured worker. A common insurance tactic is to treat an injury and send an employee back to work without a lump sum payment for the injury sustained. An attorney will ensure they pay you what you are owed.

All on-the-job accidents and injuries are covered.

Even if you are injured due to your own fault, you are still covered! We will fight for your rights and get you paid the most money. It doesn't matter if you were negligent while working, you still have the right to benefits. Many people have injuries from working repetitive jobs. You have the right to work comp benefits for work injuries even if you cannot point to a specific event that caused the injury.

How Much a Work Comp Lawyer Cost?

Workers’ compensation lawyers take 15% of a total settlement. It is important to have a certified workers’ compensation lawyer to maximize your award, and the difference between having a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer makes up for the small percentage taken. We increase settlements by more than we take as a fee. Feel free to call and ask how we can do that for you.

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Millions of Dollars in Settlements

We have millions of dollars in settlements and, just as important, we have helped thousands obtain the treatment they need, which insurance companies were denying.

We have handled compensation claims for injured workers with crippling injuries with 100% disability, life pension cases, and even minor injuries. We pursue benefits for all injured workers with the same dedication and attention we give to our own families.

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